Davidson Cinema Project
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Davidson Outdoor System
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Duffy's Forest

The customer requested music in their outdoor entertaining area, a surround sound system for his 84" LG TV and a large TV mounted in his bedroom.   

Outside needed to play Sonos, go loud and blend in so we decided on Sonance Mariner 82 exterior speakers. 

The Cinema speakers also needed to blend in and be impressive. Sonance Cinema series speakers and Velodyne Subwoofers managed both Issues with ease. The In-wall speakers were painted the same as the wall colour to blend in.

The Bedroom TV could not be mounted to the wall as the wall was made of styrofoam, so an in-ceiling mount was used.

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Beacon Hill

General installation of 130" screen and full surround sound hidden behind custom panelling in the walls.

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Vaucluse Project

This clients needs were more extreme. System cannot be seen when not in use, needs to be used midday in a bright room and needs to be installed in under two weeks. A fully hidden system was no issue, getting the mounts and screens manufactured and installed in two weeks was the issue. Thankfully Screen Technics and Ultralift were up for the challenge and met our needs with ease.

The projection screen needed to be a high contrast grey screen to help with the bright room. The front speakers were sprayed to the same colour as the cabinet. The rear in ceiling speakers and drop down projector mount were sprayed to the same colour as the ceiling. 

The ceiling needed to be framed up to accomodate the weight of the projector mount. all was installed without any issues.

We also installed a very easy to use iPad control system to operate the whole system and make it easy for the eldery couple.

We were very successful in meeting all of our clients needs on this installation.


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Glenhaven Project
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